SEO is usually the process that improves any website or page ranking in the search engines. Any web owner’s aim is the earlier and more frequently the site appears the more visitors it gets. These are users from the search engines, meaning SEO targets different kinds of search. From academic search, video search, image or local search. As an internet marketing strategy, SEO is set to consider how the search engine works, determine what exactly people are looking for and the actual terms that people type in the search engines. This is where the SEO tools come in.

SEO tools are therefore tools that facilitate the above named and ranking results duringkeyword targeted search possible. Keyword suggestion tool helps you with determining popular and relevant keywords in relation to your website. URL rewriting tool helps you to convert dynamic URLs into static HTML URLs. For the domain age tools it displays the approximate age of the particular website allowing you to view the initial stages of the website and the growth thereafter. Alexa ranking tool allows you to access the traffic rankings of your website and those of your competitors. The reciprocal link check tool allows you to ensure that your link partners are linking back to your website.
There are other tools that are used in the search engine operations. If you are new you can get free online trainings or you can download the tools. They have basic information attached to them making your understanding easier.

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